Currently we are studying through Psalms on Sunday morning as we continue our trek through the entire Bible, book by book. Wednesday evenings we are studying the Book Of 1st Corinthians. Audio CD's are available at the church office upon request. All of our messages are available below for either download and or streaming. PDF files of the Pastor's notes are available for download as well.

"As We Wait" the radio ministry of Calvary Chapel Susanville, featuring pre-recorded Bible studies by Pastor Mike, aired locally on K-SUE, 1240 AM from 8:30-9:00 AM on Sunday mornings.

The links below will take you to previous studies and Special Messages by Pastor Mike and other teachers. The explanation of the colors is at the bottom of the page.

Old Testament Studies

Exodus Leviticus Numbers
Deuteronomy Joshua Judges Ruth
1st Samuel 2nd Samuel 1st Kings 2nd Kings
Esther Esther Esther  


Old Testament Studies

Matthew Mark Luke John
Romans Revelation


Old Testament Studies

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